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Property Management
How to add new property
RentPro  > Property Management
How to add new property
Before planning to add all your property portfolios, ensure that the property owners/landlords account is already created.

Once all landlord account has been created, click on Properties menu to get started.
This will take you to properties page. This will list all existing properties.

To add new one, click on +Add Property button, this will take you to a  new property page.
On the property page input all necessary detail and click on Submit button to save.

You will be required to supply the following details

Property location - full address where the property is situated.
City located
Town located
Property category
Property type
Property owner -  you will pick from already registered landlord
Service Type:
Agent commission - to be use when calculating rental cost
Annual rental cost - Expected rental cost on the property
Selling price (optional) - To be added if property is for sale
Cloud Properties & Rents Management Software
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