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Cloud Property Management
RentPro is a "Powerful" Comprehensive Cloud Property Management,
Real Estate Management & Facilities Management Software.

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Comprehensive Management Modules
Seamlessly connect property managers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and associates. Easily manage and setup properties, units, rates plus other unlimited functionalities.
All modules are accessible for everyone regardless of the plan you choose.
Manage Landlords Vendors Management
Manage Tenants Maintenance
Manage Properties/Units Contact & Communications
Manage Rents Documents
Manage Invoice Management Reports
Accountinng Property Dashboard
Perfect & Affordable Solution For Everyone
Save time and money without compromising the quality of your service. We are offering flexible and affordable pricing for everyone. No hidden cost and you will have full access to RentPro functionalities and modules.
Contact our sales team to know actual/exact  pricing for your company.
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Comprehensive property management software Integrated property management accounting
Sophisticated rent management system
Conveniently manage properties, tenants, landlords, rents, sales, mortgage, maintenance, work order, billing, invoices, payments, disbursements, ledgers, bank reconciliations and management reports. Seamlessly connect property managers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and associates. Fully integrated comprehensive accounting functionalities include majority of features that deal with financial managements. RentPro support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices. Accouting tasks are breaks down into basic steps, enabling realtors with limited accounting knowledge to complete even the most complex tasks. RentPro is a sophisticated rent management application. It offers rent management with ease, consistency and accuracy. Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day administration. Rent management features includes modules such start rent, renew rent, tenant-move-out & more.
Property maitenance & job schedule Contacts and Communications Property Document Management
Property maintenance modules help real estate manager to manage maintenance services, maintenance contracts and monitors maintenance schedules. It allow maintenance service to be setup in relation to the vendor that will carry out the job with ability to update progresses and status. Businesses that have a customer list and stay in touch with them always win. RentPro automatically add contacts of landlords, tenants and associate to the contact list once they are created. You can easily get a hand on all your contacts on contact page and can easily communicate with them. Proper file management for landlords and property managers can save you valued time if ever faced with an audit, legal dispute, or if you simply need to find specific document. Like most businesses, it is important for property management and practitionals in the rental industry to keep record and documents in regards to tenants, owners, properties, finances and other important business documents. 
Property Management Dashboard Rent Billing &
Expeses &
RentPro come with a comprehensive and intelligent dashboard that gives you the general overview of your property management enterprise at a glance. The dashboard will you know the status of the following:

Properties, Units, Tenants, Landlords, Vacancies, Occupied, Active Rents, Expried Rents, Unpaid Invoice, Etc.

RentPro billing module simplifies how property manager bill tenants and landlords. It makes billing and invoice payment simple and ease. The modules seamlessly integrate tenant billing, landlord billing, invoice printing, emailing and posting payment collected. It gives you list of all unpaid invoice, invoice total, amount paid and balances. Expenses incured on every property/units can be managed using the expenses modules. Invoice can also be charged to affected tenant/landlord. With expeses report you will detail information on maintenance and cost spent on every property/unit.
RentPro disbursemet module, help Property Managers to now manage how fund are disbursed to Landlords and Property Owners.
Why RenPro? Key Benefits of RentPro.
 There are many reasons why RentPro is the right solution for your property management business. Below are list of key few benefits you company will enjoy using using RentPro .
Accountability Effective rent payment
Reduces administration time Maintenance charges made easy
Portfolios overview at a glance Integrated payment and late fees
More effective process Property maintenance scheduling
Enable easier monitoring Communicate efficiently
Billing tenants & landlord made easier Save time by centralizing all data
Reporting becomes easier Easy on your budget
Management anytime anywhere Improve workflow efficiency
Easy to use Effective solution Leverage with best technology
Improved efficiencies Maximize limited resources
Measure performance & producticity Reduce duplication
Enable cost savings Streamline revenue cycles
Comprehensive & flexible Web based
Secured platform Fun
Frequently Asekd Questions
Is RentPro the right solution for me? I'm an individual property investor. Can I use RentPro? How many properties can I manage with a user license?
If you run a property management agency or manage properties yourself, chances are good that you require a solution like RentPro. It was specifically designed to mitigate common property management tasks with little to no effort. Absolutely. In fact, a good number of our clients are individual investors who want to bypass the fees from property management companies. Many have found RentPro to simplify tasks so much that property management becomes almost effortless! Unlike other property management solutions, RentPro utilizes a user-license structure unlimited property management
I already have a website. Can I install RentPro on it? I already have a list of properties. Is there a way to quickly import them? There's something I really want to implemented. Do you do custom modifications?
If you already have a domain name, you can create a subdomain that only your company and clients use internally for property management. We can also provide you with a free subdomain, i.e. Yes. RentPro has a simple import feature to quickly load property owners and their properties. Yes, we absolutely do take requests for custom modifications to your installation of RentPro. Our tech team can speak with you one-on-one to understand your company's specific requirements.
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