Cloud Property Management Solution for Property Managers, Landlords, Surveyors, Estate Valuers and Real Estate Agents.

RentPro is a complete comprehensive web-based property, real estate and estate management solution for property managers, home owners and real estate agents. Connect all your property porfolios with tenants, buyers, owners/landlords, sellers and service providers. Easily create bill, send invoice, confirm payments and remit to property owners.

RentPro is the #1 property management software in Nigeria. It's your property management solution on the go.

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Comprehensive and Efficient Property Management, Rent Management, Service Billing Managemement, Facilities Management, Customer Relationship Management and Financial Accounting Management Solution

RentPro is a centralized system that connects account managers, tenants, landlord with property management data and provides accessibility anytime, anywhere. RentPro improves efficiency of property managers by providing real-time data access and accounts management with ability to quickly add data and stay up-up-date.

With intuitive dynamic dashboard and data analytics you will gain instant insight on your management porfolios and finances. Efficient communication is possible with contacts and communication module. Send sms, email and enjoy the value of system automated notifications.

RentPro will help you to improve customer relationship with improved service provisioning, engagement and commication. Can connect to your management portal on the go anytime, anywhere at home, in the office or when you travel. The system is safe and build with effective data and access security in mind. With scalability, you only choose and pay for what you want to use now and can add more later.

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Trusted by hundred's of realtors, managers and surveyors nationwide.
Join more other property managers and facility management practitioners that uses RentPro to run their daily business to improve performance and profitability.
Why RentPro?
RentPro is built with all the tools you need to manage your real estate business. It connects all management processes and workflow with a very simple and easy use menu and form designs. Easily start rents, renew rents, move-out tenant and send reminders all in one place.
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