Service Billing & Invoicing

RentPro billing module simplifies how property manager bill tenants and landlords. It makes billing and invoice payment simple and ease. The modules seamlessly integrate tenant billing, landlord billing, invoice printing and emailing and posting payment collected. It gives you list of all unpaid invoice, invoice total, amount paid and balances. With this module, you will easily charge and bill tenants or landlord on other maintenance services carried out.

Seamlessly create and manage rent billing, property management billing, maintenance service billing and lots more. Quickly create and send invoice to tenant and recieve payment at the same time. With functional online payment integration, you can accept payment online, enabling for conviniency for you and your customer to make and accept payment from anywhere.

Summary of service billing and invoicing
Quick and easy billing and invoicing of tenants and landlords
Each billing transactions is attached to income head.
Automatically manages billing information of all tenants and landlords
Unpaid invoice page give you overview of debtors list
You can view, print, re-print and send invoice as email to landlord or tenants ‘New Invoice Alert’ will be sent out for every invoice generated ‘Invoice Payment Alert’ will be sent out for every payment posted ‘Invoice Reversal Alert’ will be sent out for every invoice reversed
All invoices will be shown on landlords and tenants account when they login to their account.
Customizable invoice and receipt page Posting payment collection is easy with a well-managed payment page.
Create rent billng and invoicing
Create service billing and invoice
Send invoice to tenant and landlord
Accept payment online with Paystack
Monitor unpaid and partly paid invoices
Send payment reminder notice and much more
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