Property and Units Management

RentPro is a sophisticated property management database solution that helps in rent management with ease, consistency and accuracy. Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day administration. RentPro information system is made up of properties information registration, configuration of unit/apartment information, property owner’s information, tenant account registration and associate account management.

RentPro comes with the ability to manage all your property portfolios and units/apartments. You be able to easily create new property managed using the property registration and be able to add all the units within the property at a go. The property dashboad will give instant and concise overview all all your managed properties and units and the ability to manage all the units within one page.

With property and unit module you will be able to
A centralized system of all property management data including creating and storing of properties, landlords, tenants and associate records
Improves effectiveness of property management and monitoring of all landlords and tenant accounts, ensuring timely handling of tasks and most updated data
Collect key property information such as annual rent, commission setup uploading of property images.
Captures landlord bank account details, reporting period and uploading of relative documents.
Comprehensive dashboard
RentPro ensures that your information is safe from any security breach or hardware failures with regular back-ups and secure servers
Capture unit/apartment information such as unit name, unit description and annual rent for rents.
Create new property
Create and add units to property
Link property to landlord
Add annual rental cost for units
Edit and update property/unit records
Disable or remove property not longer managed
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