Financial Accounting Integration

Fully integrated comprehensive accounting functionalities include majority fearures that deal with financial management. RentPro support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices. Accouting tasks are breaks down into basic steps, enabling Realtors with limited accounting knowledge to complete even the most complex tasks.
Modules functionalities includes
Quick and easy billing and invoicing generation
Payment collection and posting to accounts
Cash and bank account reconciliations
Generate and print tenant and owners statement
Manage unpaid invoice and follow up with email and alers reminder
Customizable invoice and receipt page
Support accrual-based acounting methods
Balance Sheet,
Income Statement
Cashier and Bank account reconciliation
Cash flow statement and general ledger functionalityS
upport Expenses Posting
Journal Voucher
Enable tracking of account payable and recievables
Creation of new account heads
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