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Integrated property management accounting

Fully integrated comprehensive accounting functionalities include majority of features that deal with financial management. RentPro support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices. Accouting tasks are breaks down into basic steps, enabling Realtors with limited accounting knowledge to complete even the most complex tasks.

RentPro billing module simplifies how property manager bill tenants and landlords. It makes billing and invoice payment simple and ease. The modules seamlessly integrate tenant billing, landlord billing, invoice printing and emailing and posting payment collected. It gives you list of all unpaid invoice, invoice total, amount paid and balances. With this module, you will easily charge and bill tenants or landlord on other maintenance services carried out

  • Billing of tenants, owners, buyers and sellers with well structured income heads
  • Print invoice, confirm payments and manage invoices
  • Autmated invoice creation and payment received alerts to customers
  • Keep track record of paid and unpaid invoices
  • Generate weekly, monthly and yealy income reports
  • Post expenses and keep track record of disbursement to property owners
  • Accounts reconcilliation
  • View and printing of customer statements
  • View of account chart and transaction reports

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy billing and invoicing of tenants and landlords
  • Each billing transactions is attached to income head.
  • Automatically manages billing information of all tenants and landlords
  • Unpaid invoice page give you overview of debtors list
  • You can view, print, re-print and send invoice as email to landlord or tenants  
  • ‘New Invoice Alert’ will be sent out for every invoice generated  
  • ‘Invoice Payment Alert’ will be sent out for every payment posted
  • ‘Invoice Reversal Alert’ will be sent out for every invoice reversed All invoices will be shown on landlords and tenants account when they login to their account.
  • Customizable invoice and receipt page
  • Posting payment collection is easy with a well-managed payment page.
Convinient, Easy, Effective
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