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Property Documents Management

Proper file management for landlords and property managers can save you tons of time if ever faced with an audit, legal dispute, or if you simply need to find specific lease terms. Like most businesses, state and federal guidelines dictate which files professionals in the rental industry must keep and for how long in regards to tenants, owners, properties, finances and other important business documents.

Storing and managing files appropriately comes down risk management in order to protect yourself and your business if necessary.

RentPro allow property managers to upload all useful files with the provision of document management modules. Below are list of important files and documents related to property management that can be stored on RentPro platform.

  • Forms

  • Documents

  • Letters

  • Useful Resourcs

  • Tenant Files

  • Owner Files

  • Vendor Files

  • Financial Records

  • Business Documents

  • Others

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