RentPro is a "Powerfull" Cloud Property Management & Real Estate Management Software.
Convinient, easy to use and effective property management solution on the go

Contacts and Communications

Businesses that have a customer list and stay in touch with them always win. RentPro automatically add phone no and email address of landlords, tenants and associate to the contact list once they are created. You can easily get a hand on all your contacts on contact page and can easily communicate with them.

  • Send custom sms and email to tenants and landlords
  • Setup automated reminder messages
  • Send quick email/sms to tenants, landlords and associates
  • Define and send scheduled events and campaigns
  • Ability to select and communicate with all occupants in a property
  • Automated email and sms for upcoming due rents, due rent alerts and overdue alerts
Convinient, Easy, Effective

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